5 Bay Area things to do this weekend (Sept. 8-9)

Sumo Wrestling Festival and Expo
This is such a unique sport, 400 lb. (give or take a few biscuits) men in loin clothes colliding like Mack trucks in the middle of a wrestling mat. The fact it’s huge in Japan only adds to the intrigue. Oh, and part of their weight gain regimen? Beer, lots of it. Sat 12-4pm

Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival
Okay, so it’s an international brand found in malls all over the world, but I have fond memories of the chocolate bars and cocoa my dad brought back from his annual West Coast business trip. And anyway, who doesn’t like chocolate. Chef demonstrations, bake-offs, sundae eating contests, live entertainment, Sat and Sun, 12-5pm.

Solano Avenue Stroll
Not only is this along one of my favorite streets in the East Bay, but it’s huge: 26 blocks, 500 vendors, 75 entertainers and a parade with over 100 groups. Sun 10am-6pm.

Kerouac Alley Street Fair
These are pretty cool little events held every month or so in North Beach. They keep them deliberately small and choice, so you’re not looking at the same trinkets booth after booth. Plus there’s live music. And you can stop by all the other great North Beach haunts as well. Sun 12-6pm.

Park-n-Beer Hike
Need I say more? Okay I will, this one starts in the panhandle of Golden Gate Park and makes its way to the Beach Chalet. Sat 1-4pm.

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