Craneway’s Chocolate & Beer fest, minus the beer


What’s up Chocolate & Beer festival? How come you advertise 10 beer companies, but when I drive all the way out to Richmond I only count five. And when I walk up to the table of another, Lost Coast, they’re already out of beer and packing up to leave, and it’s only 3:30. Don’t get me wrong, I like beer, and I’m happy with what you did have*, and for the sunny day by the water at Craneway Pavilion. But that was a lot of money to shell out for an entrance fee, and the price of a beer on top, for just four lousy beer companies. I could’ve had more choices and paid less at pretty much any of my local beer joints, and driven out to Beach Chalet if I wanted a water view. I couldn’t even get a good happy beer buzz. I know you tried to spice it up with the chocolatiers and live music and the jumpy house for the kids, but just like your neighbor to the south, there was no there, there. The whole event was just one big shrug. I’m not unhappy I went, but I doubt I’ll be  back next year, especially with a number of other beer fests +.

*Drakes from San Leandro had a variety of beers on tap. Moksha, a craft brew from India though brewed locally, had bottles of their full-bodied amber lager. Trumer Pils had their usual. And Rosie’s Shipyard Ale brewed by Assemble (formerly the Boilerhouse Restaurant) adjacent to the pavilion may have been my favorite. And that was it.

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