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The Bay Area’s most scenic drives


There’s no denying the curb appeal of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Check any “most beautiful cities” list like this one from Forbes, and you’re bound to find San Francisco prominently featured. But venture beyond the stunning cityscapes and you’ll find a wealth of picturesque open spaces and sprawling parklands that can make for a leisurely and memorable excursion. Here’s a list of some of the Bay Area’s most scenic drives: Continue reading The Bay Area’s most scenic drives

Best wine bars of the Bay Area

If I get together with my friend in his crappy apartment kitchen, we drink beer. If I’m on another friend’s patio watching the sunset as the lights of the city come up, we drink wine. Beer is like a comfortable old sweatshirt that’s been washed a hundred times. Wine is like a velvet dinner jacket that fits you to a tee. Beer is your favorite football team on TV. Wine is a Monet exhibit at the museum.

This is a long way of saying that when judging wine bars, the setting can be just as important as the vintage on offer. Continue reading Best wine bars of the Bay Area