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The Bay Area’s greenest buildings

355 11th
Facade of the Matarozzi/Pelsinger Building in SOMA.

California is a tough place for an eco-friendly building to stand out, with every new construction or rehab touting its green credentials. And since the state instituted the CALGreen building codes in 2011, almost all new buildings are required to be the equivalent of LEED certified, which means builders have to go the extra green mile to gain any recognition. Not only that, the progressive attitude toward environmental issues and sustainability has put California on the forefront of green building practices for decades. According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC.org), California has over 1,700 LEED certified buildings, by far the most of any state in the country. Check out this list of LEED certified buildings in the Bay Area. Continue reading The Bay Area’s greenest buildings