Lucky Mojo’s voodoo paradise

If you can’t find the magic potion you’re looking for at Miss Cat’s Lucky Mojo Curio Co., it probably doesn’t exist. Of course, if you make the journey to this out-of-the-way shop in the North Bay village of Forestville eight miles west of Santa Rosa, you’re probably a tad more motivated than the average casual shopper. No one accidentally happens upon the Lucky Mojo, except maybe in a Rocky Horror kind of way. Even armed with a map and a well-tuned GPS, the shop is barely marked from the road and set well back behind hedges and trees.

But once here, you’ll be rewarded with a witches brew of anything and everything esoteric. Crammed into the little cottage shop are spiritualist supplies that include occult oils, incense, powders, candles, herbs, mojo bags, spiritual soaps, books, spell kits for magic spells, money spells, love spells and protection spells in the African-American hoodoo, Pagan magick, and other Witchcraft traditions, to name a few. There’s even some Thai penis amulets and a shrunken head or two.

While the shop is open for walk-in customers, it’s also headquarters for Lucky Mojo’s bustling mail order business. At the center of the enterprise is the diminutive Miss Cat, or Catherine Yronwode, who also reads palms and tarot cards in an outhouse-size building which she advertises as the world’s smallest church–denomination: Missionary Independent Spiritualist.

And while Miss Cat is a wealth of info on all types of lore, her shop is a curio paradise, shelves brimming with all manner of supplies from several traditions around the globe, though mostly of a New Orleans/1920s/southern hoodoo variety. Lucky Mojo has it’s own branded products on the spiritualist tradition, with a slightly campy take: Dixie Love bath crystals, Fast Luck oil, Southern Style Hot Foot powder. Whether or not you’re in need of a good love potion, Lucky Mojo gives you a reason to actually come to Forestville, or to stop here on your tour of Russian River wineries. And you may just find something to keep you safe on your journey, help win the lottery and enchant your travel companion.

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