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Best beaches in the Bay Area

Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz

Northern California isn’t exactly Maui when it comes to beaches, but they’re still pretty great, even if the weather requires a sweater and a wetsuit. I mean, it’s a beach! (just ask your friends in Kansas to explain). Besides the rocky cliffs along much of our coastline, providing lots of dramatic and inspiring views, you’ll  also plenty of find sandy stretches for rolling out a blanket or long easy strolls. And on a warm, sunny day in the Bay Area, there’s no better place to be. Continue reading Best beaches in the Bay Area

Lucky Mojo’s voodoo paradise

If you can’t find the magic potion you’re looking for at Miss Cat’s Lucky Mojo Curio Co., it probably doesn’t exist. Of course, if you make the journey to this out-of-the-way shop in the North Bay village of Forestville eight miles west of Santa Rosa, you’re probably a tad more motivated than the average casual shopper. No one accidentally happens upon the Lucky Mojo, except maybe in a Rocky Horror kind of way. Even armed with a map and a well-tuned GPS, the shop is barely marked from the road and set well back behind hedges and trees. Continue reading Lucky Mojo’s voodoo paradise