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Henry Coe State Park: big, beautiful and close by

The size of Henry W. Coe State Park  is surpassed only by its loveliness. At 89,164 acres, it’s the largest state park in Northern California and the second largest in the state, and has another 22,000 acres within its boundaries belonging to the Henry Coe State Wilderness. I realized just how large it was after driving for a good half hour up a windy road from Hwy 101 east of Morgan Hill, and finding the ‘you are here’ dot on a map at the ranger station. We were barely within the western border of a very large stretch of park land. We were also 3,000 feet up, with amazing views looking west to Santa Clara Valley and the Santa Cruz Mountains beyond, as well as Anderson Lake far below (which looked like a puddle from our height). Continue reading Henry Coe State Park: big, beautiful and close by

13 state parks to see before they close

If you haven’t heard, it was announced in May that 70 of California’s state parks are closing indefinitely due to budget cuts. About 21 of those have gotten temporary reprieves of a year or so, mostly through private funding, but the rest are set to shut down July 1, 2012, which is, what, three weeks from now. It should also be noted that a lot of state parks have already had to drastically cut back services over the last year or more, even before the crazy talk started of actually shutting a bunch of them down. In the Bay Area, 13 state parks are set to close (10 got temporary reprieves), and the best time to see them would also be the only time to see them, now. Here’s the list, from north to south. Continue reading 13 state parks to see before they close