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Hidden Villa: old MacDonald’s farm, and much more


This is one of those things I love about the Bay Area. You can be in the midst of urban snarl somewhere on 101, or the concrete expanse of outer Mission, and in less than 40 minutes you’re so deep in countryside you can almost hear the banjo music. Well maybe not, but at least you can trade in your city stress for plenty of quietude and nature. That’s just part of what the idyllic Hidden Villa farm and wilderness preserve offers. Continue reading Hidden Villa: old MacDonald’s farm, and much more

Pigeon Point an ideal seaside getaway

Every so often a day comes along that’s a perfect convergence of time and place, the air imbued with that special tinge of golden light unique to California, a little slice of heaven that seems frozen in time. When a beautiful day such as this falls in January or February, I prefer to be on the coast, near the ocean, with a little extra sparkle to the water from the low-arcing sun.

If I’m in the city, I might zip to Ocean Beach for a stroll, or lunch at Beach Chalet. But if I plan ahead or feel ambitious, I’ll drive the hour down the coast along Hwy 1 to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse just south of Pescadero. It’s pristine setting is scenic at any time, but on a beautiful weekend, it can’t be beat. Continue reading Pigeon Point an ideal seaside getaway