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Best of August in the Bay Area


August, that time of year when the days are at their doggiest and the ice cream starts melting down your hand before you even get the change back in your pocket. Oh wait, that’s everywhere else. In San Francisco, just dial up the last six months’ weather report, the one that says 59. The only noticeable difference between August and February is the days are slightly longer, except of course when the summer fog rolls and makes it seem like the sun has just set, so I guess, nevermind. Continue reading Best of August in the Bay Area

Pescadero revisited

So there’s more to Pescadero than I thought. After heeding the call of the ocean and taking a drive out Hwy 84, past Woodside, Alice’s restaurant, La Honda and San Gregorio General Store, we ended up in, like we always do on these trips, in Pescadero. But instead of our usual stop at Duarte’s and/or one of the two markets in town, we drove down North St, past the elementary and high schools, and stopped at Harley Farms Goat Dairy. An actual functioning goat dairy farm, it also is open to the public to come commune with the goats, which are quite friendly and come right up to the fence for a petting (and maybe a nibble on your sweater if you’re not careful). The farm is quite enterprising, and have opened up a shop in a nearby barn selling goat milk paints, yarns, goat-wool socks and fancy (and expensive) bronze garden tools. Continue reading Pescadero revisited

The wonderful world of Pescadero: it’s a small town after all

I used to think of Pescadero as an overlooked gem. Not so much anymore, what with all the cars lining the main (and only) street on weekends. But this charming village of 643 human souls 15 miles south of Half Moon Bay and two miles east of Hwy 1 takes some effort to get to, whether driving south from the city or over the Santa Cruz mountains from the Peninsula, so it’s not a place to simply ‘drop by’. Which I suppose keeps it from being overrun by tourists. Continue reading The wonderful world of Pescadero: it’s a small town after all

The best little general store in San Gregorio

Okay, so it’s the only general store in San Gregorio. In fact, it is San Gregorio, unless you want to count a nearby farmhouse, an old barn and a rusted out VW bug. And this general store is not your grandpappy’s general store, with old-timers sitting on creaky chairs under a rickety front overhang. Located less than a mile off Hwy 1 in San Gregorio (pop. 287), the setting is appropriately country, with the closest town being Pescadero eight miles to the south and Half Moon Bay 12 miles north. But the big difference at this general store is the old-timers ride Harleys. Continue reading The best little general store in San Gregorio