Best of August in the Bay Area


August, that time of year when the days are at their doggiest and the ice cream starts melting down your hand before you even get the change back in your pocket. Oh wait, that’s everywhere else. In San Francisco, just dial up the last six months’ weather report, the one that says 59. The only noticeable difference between August and February is the days are slightly longer, except of course when the summer fog rolls and makes it seem like the sun has just set, so I guess, nevermind.

But the summer has been pretty nice in the Bay Area, not too cold in the city, not too hot everywhere else. And I expect the same from August. So start circling your calendars for a fun-filled month with the last go-round of summer events. Like these, for starters:

Bay Bridge B&W Photography Show
I’m a sucker for good photography, so this sounds really cool: a series of photos on the construction of the new Bay Bridge, 1998-2005. They’re by Joseph Blum, who spent his career as a welder, boilermaker, shiplifter, etc., and has since his retirement been documenting the workers at the bridge. The opening reception is at the Harvey Milk Photography Center, 8/3 at 1-4pm, 50 Scott Street, SF.

Poets Picnic
Hmm, poetry gatherings in public places. This could be a, uh, interesting. (My feeling about poetry is it’s either good/great/sublime, or it’s bad. No middle ground). But I’m guessing with the list of poet laureates (18!) from around the Bay Area scheduled to read, that there might just be some good stuff. If not, Benecia is an underrated little town right along the water. Benicia gazebo, 8/4 at 12-4pm, First/Military Sts.

Pescadero Arts & Fun Festival
This is mostly an excuse to get out of the urban jungle and into the pastoral beauty of coastal Bay Area. And Pescadero is a great destination for that. Stroll through the fair, then enjoy some green chile soup and olallieberry pie at Duarte’s, and if it’s not too cold and foggy, stop at Pescadero State Beach. 8/17-18, 10am-6pm.

Asian festivals
There are two festivals going on Saturday, August 10: The Korean Day Cultural Festival in Union Square, 8/10 from 10am-5pm. And in Japantown, Origami-Palooza, 1-5pm. SF.

San Francisco Street Food Festival
The Mission, especially along Valencia, has become the city’s gourmet ghetto. You’ll be able to sample from all the popular and tweeted about restaurants, cafes and food trucks in the area (and beyond)… something like 85 are listed. Wise Sons deli, Tacolicious, A16, Blue Bottle, etc. and so forth. 8/17, 11am-7pm, Folsom and 24th, SF.

Zombie-O-Rama V
This looks like a fun event, especially for San Jose, and of course for zombie aficionados. There’s a zombie fashion show, lots of people dressed up as zombies, music, vendors, a parade, and a screening of Zombieland. You might pick up some valuable tips on how to survive the apocalypse. 8/21 at 5pm on, South First/William Sts, San Jose.

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