5 things to do this weekend (Aug 18-19)

Cotati Accordion Festival
Do I really have to explain the inherent awesomeness of this event? Enjoyed for its actual awesomeness – dudes and gals jamming on the accordion (seriously, the accordion can rock (ever been to Louisiana?)), or in that detached ironic hipster way. And where there’s polka, you know there’s gonna be beer, lots of it. All day Sat and Sun.

Pescadero Arts & Fun Festival
This is a great excuse to make the drive down to Pescadero, the coastal town south of Half Moon Bay with the great restaurant (Duarte’s). It’s their one big annual event, and a chance to linger a little longer than usual. Plus, it promises to be an honestly fun, community event, and not the usual stroll past craft booths. All day Sat and Sun.

San Francisco Street Food Festival
This has gotta be one of the better food fests around, not only in the quality of vendors it pulls in (Turtle Tower, Il Cane Rosso, The Slanted Door, A16, Blue Bottle, etc.), but in sheer number (I counted over 80). Vendors offer small bites for around $3 for grazing, and bigger plates. All day Sat in the Mission.

Assyrian Food Festival
Man, I’m drooling just looking at their website: delicious Middle Eastern fare, kabobs, hummus, dolma, pirashki, kouba. Plus there’s a parade. All day Sat and Sun in San Jose.

Return to Mars: Roving with Curiosity at Exploratorium
I just read that the Mars rover is about the size of a Mini Cooper (presumably the new version), and now I can’t imagine the of a Mini driving around the surface of Mars out of my head. The Exploratorium has a real rover model on display, and on Sat from 1-2pm will have a live webcast from the red planet.

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