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5 things to do this weekend (Aug 18-19)

Cotati Accordion Festival
Do I really have to explain the inherent awesomeness of this event? Enjoyed for its actual awesomeness – dudes and gals jamming on the accordion (seriously, the accordion can rock (ever been to Louisiana?)), or in that detached ironic hipster way. And where there’s polka, you know there’s gonna be beer, lots of it. All day Sat Continue reading 5 things to do this weekend (Aug 18-19)

Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 2-3)

Well, it’s Friday afternoon, time to start thinking about options for the weekend. I see that Union Street Eco-Urban Street Fest is running all day Saturday. But unless they drastically improved it from last year, there’s nothing either eco or urban about it. It is on Union Street though. It’s just your basic street fest, with the usual suspects selling beer, barbeque, gyros, artsy-crafty stuff, and a few disappointing eco booths tossed in for effect. A woman selling honey last year seemed lost and really out of place. Union Street denizens seem largely indifferent to it, stumbling through for a beer, or gathering instead at one of several popular bars, like any other weekend. The best thing about it is the price: free. Continue reading Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 2-3)