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8 reasons to get reaquainted with Sausalito (hint: it’s all about the food)

Sausalito is such a lovely town. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge or take a ferry from San Francisco, stroll along its waterfront, check out the shops, have lunch at Scoma’s or grab a burger and fries at Hamburgers, maybe an ice cream at Lappert’s or a drink at No Name bar, and you’ve had yourself a pretty darn good day. But venture off the well-traveled tourist path of downtown, and you’ll find some of the best of what Sausalito, and Marin County, has to offer. Continue reading 8 reasons to get reaquainted with Sausalito (hint: it’s all about the food)

Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 23-24)

Pride week/end is one of those times where I kind of wish I were gay. This is San Francisco’s biggest party of the year, our Mardi Gras, a wild and wacky celebration of the wonderful world of LGBT (and sometimes Y not!). There’s a few events during the week, such as the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, but the action gets ramped up with countless events on the weekend. For starters, on Saturday morning you can help install the giant pink triangle at Twin Pinks just below the huge radio tower, while the Dyke March festivities get going in and around Dolores Park at noon (with the actual march at 6pm). The Pink Saturday block party in the Castro starts 5pm, or check out one of the Lady Gaga flash mobs in locations around town. The main/official SF Pride celebration takes place Saturday (noon-6pm) and especially Sunday (11am-6:30pm) throughout the Civic Center area of downtown, with multiple stages featuring musical acts, performances and speeches, while the Pride Parade starts 10:30am Sunday down Market. After hours parties abound. Continue reading Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 23-24)

Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 16-17)

Depending on your interest, you’ll either want to get up early to stake your claim at whatever green or gallery you want to join at the U.S. Open golf championship, or steer as clear of The Olympic Club and the western half of San Francisco as you can to avoid the predicted traffic snarl. For Bay Area sports fans, you won’t get a better opportunity for an up close and personal view of golf’s biggest stars, from Phil Mickelson to Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods to K.J. Choi. This is the biggest event in golf, and one of the biggest sporting events to hit the city since the World Series in 2010. Of course, you’ll either have to scalp a pass or sneak passed security, since tickets have been sold out for some time. Continue reading Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 16-17)

13 state parks to see before they close

If you haven’t heard, it was announced in May that 70 of California’s state parks are closing indefinitely due to budget cuts. About 21 of those have gotten temporary reprieves of a year or so, mostly through private funding, but the rest are set to shut down July 1, 2012, which is, what, three weeks from now. It should also be noted that a lot of state parks have already had to drastically cut back services over the last year or more, even before the crazy talk started of actually shutting a bunch of them down. In the Bay Area, 13 state parks are set to close (10 got temporary reprieves), and the best time to see them would also be the only time to see them, now. Here’s the list, from north to south. Continue reading 13 state parks to see before they close

Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 9-10)

You may not need a reason to enjoy all the incredible nature at our disposal, but if you do, here’s a gentle nudge: on June 9, a number of national parks in the state are free for Get Outdoors Day, including our own Muir Woods just a short jaunt north of the city in Mill Valley. The 554-acre park has one of the last old growth Coast Redwood stands left in the state, nay, the world, and a 1.5-mile trail to enjoy it. The $7 fee is waived for Saturday, and you can even park and ride the Muir Woods shuttle, which also picks up/drops off at the Golden Gate Transit bus stop and Sausalito ferry if you choose total car freedom. Continue reading Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 9-10)

Viewing the Venus transit without going blind

Though not as dramatic as the solar eclipse two weeks ago, the planet Venus transit across the sun today is a far rarer event, not occurring again for another 105 years. The transit begins today locally at 3:06pm and is viewable until sundown. You can either build a special viewing box or buy a pair of welding glasses from your local hardware store to watch the transit without permanently damaging your eyes (which happens when you look directly into the sun for too long). Continue reading Viewing the Venus transit without going blind

Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 2-3)

Well, it’s Friday afternoon, time to start thinking about options for the weekend. I see that Union Street Eco-Urban Street Fest is running all day Saturday. But unless they drastically improved it from last year, there’s nothing either eco or urban about it. It is on Union Street though. It’s just your basic street fest, with the usual suspects selling beer, barbeque, gyros, artsy-crafty stuff, and a few disappointing eco booths tossed in for effect. A woman selling honey last year seemed lost and really out of place. Union Street denizens seem largely indifferent to it, stumbling through for a beer, or gathering instead at one of several popular bars, like any other weekend. The best thing about it is the price: free. Continue reading Procrastinator’s guide to the weekend (June 2-3)

5 Things to do this Memorial Day weekend

The Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Festival
The Golden Gate Bridge opened on May 27, 1937, and this weekend marks 75 years of service with a celebration at the entire northern end of San Francisco, from Fort Point to Fisherman’s Wharf. Saturday is the warm-up act, with art exhibitions and guided tours. Sunday the party starts at 10am and the area will be pretty much shut down; even if streets are open, expect traffic to make it a parking lot. Live music (11am-11pm) and vintage cars from 1937 at Crissy Field and Marina Green, and a vintage boat parade along St. Francis Yacht Club (11am-3pm), highlight the day’s events. A fireworks display over the bridge 9:30-9:50 caps it all off. Continue reading 5 Things to do this Memorial Day weekend

(::) coming somewhere soon

I was able to track down some information on a new coffee place I learned about through a friend’s sister who overheard a conversation while waiting in line for a kimchi masala burrito at a truck outside Zeitgeist.

(::) (pronounced ‘hm’) is a pop-up speakeasy craft coffeebar appearing bi-monthly in a series of unspecified unannounced locations throughout San Francisco, from Dolores all the way to Potrero. Limited seating of a single party of up to three, guests meet with (::)’s experienced coffee sommelier to discuss bean options, though please be advised options may change without notice throughout the seating. Options in the past have included a reduced bold Papua New Guinea pygmy coffee/wild taro hybrid with notes of vanilla, chocolate, cherry, black olive, onion and pepperoni. The popular Xanadu Icelandic summer pancha blend is crafted according to ancient ayurvedic standards with beans picked by trained adult Bornean Orangs (the only ones able to access the remote fauna without harming the rare, endangered zucchini orchid which grow on the trees).

The chosen beans are roasted by hand on vintage tabletop Beghelli roasters imported from Italy, which allow for no more than two ounces of beans per batch. Roasted beans are then crushed by hand at 117 kPa of pressure through a reverse rotation method for maximum particle uniformity and aeration. While the beans are set aside to cure in our portable humidor, locally sourced spring water is slow heated in stainless pewter containers to 188.8 degrees Fahrenheit for greater ionic release, then naturally cooled, then heated again to 207.6 degrees. Beans are carefully placed in pouches hand-sewn by the Nepalese Women’s Initiative Coop using recycled teabags and set in hand-blown glass sieves. Water, now cooled to 203.33 degrees, is slowly poured and the coffee allowed to slow drip into a (::)-signature Meissen porcelain mug. All potential locations are wi-fi accessible. Please be advised service may take up to 90 minutes. $$$

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the ground breaking of SFMOMA…

Check out this performance for the ground breaking ceremony of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, by Mark Pauline of Survival Research Labs, which took place 20 years ago this month in April, 1992. Pauline’s ‘lab’ is currently located in Sonoma County. His next performance is scheduled for May 19 at ArtPadSF at the Phoenix Hotel.